Saturday, December 29, 2018

442 Miles Saved - About

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In case you’re in a hurry, I will cut to the chase.  Kurt and I ran 21 errands at 13 places in 3 hours last Thursday saving 442 car miles, and it was easy.

Kurt usually goes to Memphis, Missouri about 11 miles from Dancing Rabbit on Thursdays to run various errands.  I decided to tag along today so I could… I don’t know, just tag along.  All the other Rabbits know Kurt runs errands on Thursdays so they leave stuff in The Mercantile for him to take care of for them; bank deposits, an order for 50 lbs of dog food, an order for two boxes of wine, recycling in the car trunk, and all sorts of stuff.

Let’s see if I can remember all the places we went:

Meat processor
Computer repair shop
Animal feed store
Post office
Coffee shop
Another bank
Liquor store
Grocery store

Nailed it - 13 places.

The beautifully “eco” thing about this is that it saved 21 different people from making the 22 mile round trip to Memphis.  Instead, Kurt and I did it in about 30 miles of driving.  Kurt made it extra efficient by setting the cruise control on 45 mph so as not to have to hit the brakes on the curves and 45 mph happens to be a very, very efficient mph especially in a diesel Volkswagen Passat.  I bet were were getting at least 40 MPG.  Way to go Kurt.  And shame on you to the people that passed us against a double-center line.  Where are you in a hurry to get to anyway?  Rutledge?

By the way, did you think about all the time Kurt and I saved the other people who did not have to run the errands?  Of course you did.  If you’re reading my blog, it means you are smart and sophisticated and unselfish so of course you already thought of all the time other people were saving by not going to get their own boxed wine and pickled jalapenos.  They were being productive building goat barns, Facebooking, and putting off other important things.

But did you think about how nice it must have been for Kurt and I to get to spend some personal time together because we shared the ride?  Of course you did, especially those of you that already know Kurt and understand how special it would be to run 21 errands at 13 places over 3 hours with him.  One of my favorite moments was when I left Kurt waiting at the barber shop and went across the street to Country Chic and get a Shiplatte (a fancy coffee), and when I walked back into the barber shop Kurt was finally in the chair, and I bemoaned the fact that, “You don’t look any better than when I left Kurt,” and the barber mutters something about doing the best he could with what he has to work with.

Sometimes living in an ecovillage can start to feel like living anywhere else with all the daily chores of living until another little reminder like I got today reinvigorates me about what we are doing here at DR.  Dancing Rabbit is special and worthwhile and it does make a difference.

Next week I want to shoot for a new record with at least 22 errands and 14 places visited.  It should be easy because Kurt and I didn’t even go to the hardware store, or Keith’s Cafe, or the courthouse for anything.  Are you listening Rabbits?

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  1. I love this ... and now I want to go on the errands ride sometime too!