Friday, November 16, 2018

I Hear Flamingo Is Delicious

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Saturday morning over coffee with several Rabbits some interesting questions were raised.  I’m amazed at how one thing leads to another and the discussion was both broad and deep.  Here are the topics brought to the table:

Where did the colors pink and blue for babies originate?
What are car honking practices internationally and how did they come to be?
When did people start shaving and why and how?
Why does shamanic breathwork sometimes cause tetany?
What is the connection between Santa Claus’ red and white outfit and Coca Cola?
How do the games of Chess and Go differ?
Why are there so many Somali refugees in Kirksville?
Why does Cambodia have so many mopeds?
What is the Institute of Mesoamerican Permaculture in Guatemala up to these days?
What is per capita plastic use by country?
Does Venezuela have any ports?  Why (not)?

I feel a sense of satisfaction looking over this list again.  As a friend noted this morning over coffee, “evolution selects for novelty,” and this is certainly a novel list of subjects.  I identified my personal need for novelty years ago.  In contrast to the aphorism, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.,”  I like the idea of diving headfirst into chaos and seeing what might come of it.  What new order might come of it?  Different and new is not necessarily better, but what is better anyway? All I know is I get a little brain tickle from something novel.

Are you getting your RDA of novelty?  Maybe it’s time to have someone new over for coffee or get out of the house to see what else is going on in the world.  It’s a big, beautiful, novel world out there!  Here’s a fun exercise.  Go find English language versions of newspapers from other countries online.  I always get a kick out of Pravda, a Russian newspaper.  Just today a Pravda headline asserted - America Always Thirsty for More Blood Than Even Children Can Shed  or - Christie Lee Brinkley:  Looking Like 34 at 64

Or how about something from one the aforementioned countries from the coffee discussion.  The Cambodia Daily had this headline today - Japanese Teen Funds Library for Cambodia School Out of Her Pocket.  Here’s one from Venezuela - Starving Venezuelans are Eating Flamingos and Anteaters as Socialism Destroys Economy.  And ending up with a Guatemalan magazine headline - The Kites of Guatemala a Connection to the Hereafter.

Like I said, it’s a big, novel world out there if I just mix it up little bit.  I like that.  What new and novel thing will you discover today that will tickle your brain?

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