Friday, October 5, 2018

The Dark Underbelly of Ecovillage Life

“Hello Muddah.  Hello Faddah.  Here I am at Camp Granada.”

I remember hearing this song on the radio growing up.  It was written by Allan Sherman and Lou Busch.  Radios had a dial with a red marker that slid right and left behind numbers indicating the station back then.  The red slider moved in reaction to the turning of a knob.  Turn the knob right and the red marker moves right on the dial.  Left for left.  Some stations came in strong while other stations required the perfect tickle of the knob to get rid of the fuzzy sound.  “You’re not holding your mouth right,” I remember someone saying when I couldn’t quite get the desired station to tune in.  I’m still not sure what that means.

In case you’ve never heard the song, it goes on to talk about the woes of life at a camp, Camp Granada, and the singer wants his parents to let him come home.  I don’t want to come home, but it is a rainy day today.  I didn’t sleep great due to a lot of thunder about 3am.  The loudest and closest thunder boom sounded like it was coming thru my bedroom ceiling.  Lest you get the impression that life at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is all delicious potlucks and harmonious song circles, I believe it is time to give you a more comprehensive look at my life here at DR.

The dark underbelly of ecovillage life for me -

I’m still getting mail I don’t really feel like opening.
The propane ran out, and I had to move to another kitchen on short notice.
Little, clingy, sticker things are all over my book bag.
A strap on my book bag broke.

There are 18 people with names that begin with the letters A-L-.
Coffee hours are from 8-9am, and I need coffee from about 6-11am!
I can’t kill this fly.  I can’t find the flyswatter.  I tried to use the mail I don’t want to open as a flyswatter.  It did not work.

Bacon is too salty for me now.  True story. 
The hills are very steep for biking.
The roads have no shoulders to ride a bicycle on.
I have gotten my ass kicked in one board game, a poker game, and a domino game.

There is a fly on my hand.  Again.
The floor of my new kitchen has as many bumps and hills as a skateboard park.
Most people have a different answer to most questions.
I’ve left the light on in the kitchen twice.  NOT eco-friendly.  I’m trying.  I really am.

I keep forgetting my headlamp so I can see to walk home at night.
A kid came up behind me in the dark and scared the bejeebies out of me the other night.
A giant black dog walked up next to me while I was peeing and scared out my remaining bejeebies last night.
I will surely forget my headlamp again soon.  Thank goodness I have no bejeebies left.

Curly dock does not taste as good as it looks.
I specifically bought gluten-free bread and pancake mix for my food co-op friend.  She is not gluten-free.
I’m having difficulty with names let alone whether or not other folks are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lacto-ovo vegetarian, paleo, neo-paleo, omnivorous, carnivorous, alto, soprano, or currently on a juice fast.
I poop in a bucket.

All the cool places to walk have poison ivy.
It’s too cold for me to swim in the pond now.
There is a fly on my hand, and I don’t even care anymore.
A town of only 17,000 people felt kind of overwhelming to me on Wednesday.

I only have to pee about once per night, but I still have to pee about once per night.
Paypal or ELMS or cash or check or tab or barter or “Why does this have to be so hard?”
Only 50 adults, but I don’t get to see some folks as much as I would like.
I haven’t planted anything yet.

Now which water source tested positive for E. Coli?
Which mousetrap is the most humane?
How long can a new Resident keep a personal vehicle?
Wait what?  Is that a real word or an acronym?

Flying flies.
Flies that fly.

Don’t worry.  It’s not all bad, and I’m not complaining.  I just want to give it to you straight, no sugar-coating.  No beating around the bush or waffling.  So there you have it.  Some of it.

Here’s the end of the song:

Wait a minute, it stopped hailing/Guys are swimming, guys are sailing/playing baseball/Gee that’s bettah/Muddah Faddah kindly disregard this letter

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  1. Thunder bucket. A new tool of religious sacrament, since I would gratefully worship anything that could keep me from having to pee outside at night. Like severe dehydration.