Saturday, October 13, 2018

I Laughed Until I Cried

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I sat down in my new kitchen co-op for lunch today and laughed until I cried. 

What’s it called when something is used as something else it wasn’t originally intended to be? Not recycling...UPCycling! That’s it upcycling. One home here at DR is called Upcycle actually. I’m sure it has pallets in it. Pallets seem to be the primary ingredient in many upcycles. 

Back to my new kitchen. It’s in SkyHouse now instead of The Common House. The floor is a bit uneven, but now that the dead mice are cleared out and the living mice seem to sense they are not welcome, I can imagine it becoming a cozy little place to cook and eat. It was initially noted by my friends and I that the kitchen table could use a good cleaning. Understatement. The kitchen table needed a good sanding. The option of a tablecloth was suggested and was consensed to. Lunch today was my second time sitting down at the table with the new tablecloth, and today was the first day I noticed that the new tablecloth was not originally intended to be a tablecloth. Are you smelling the upcycle? Here it comes. 

The new tablecloth was originally intended to be a… wait for it… a shower curtain. I laughed until I cried. 

Of course the tablecloth used to be a shower curtain. Why wouldn’t the tablecloth be a shower curtain? What else would the tablecloth be but a shower curtain? It was the little holes up the edge that tipped me off. I didn’t put two and two together right away, but when it hit me, I started laughing and laughing and laughing. Just when I thought the laughing was over, I’d look at the thing again and start laughing again. Then I snorted. The next level of laughing is snort laughing. I can sometimes reign in a snort laugh, but in this case, the snort laugh escalated to tears. The shower curtain brought me to teary laughing. (No it was not the plastic kind of shower curtain. It was the classy fabric outer shower curtain kind.) 

Permaculture talks about stacking functions. Getting more than one output from a thing. Goats give milk, fertilizer, cheese, and meat. Goats are also cute and eat poison ivy. Functions stacked! We have goats at DR. How about a roof as a garden? Got it. A roof as a garden is also insulation and soundproofing. A roof with a garden and lawn chairs is also a deck for watching sunsets. Bam! Again. There’s some other upcycles I should let you know about here at DR. I’ve seen an old, black tennis shoe nailed to a tree as a bird house. Another Rabbit uses a piece of bailing twine as his belt unless one of his goats gets loose,then the twine becomes a leash. Don’t ask what happens to his pants if he has to leash a goat. Speaking of belts, I’m using a strip of cloth that was used to tie up flowers at our Singing Rabbit event several weeks ago. The cloth is pink so I’m not sure what it started out to be, maybe a blouse or a sheet or something. Oh! It could have been a pillowcase. So it’s now been upcycled twice. That’s some serious upcycle street cred. Sorry I said “street cred.” I’m too old to be using words like that. I’ll never do it again. 

I imagine I’ll see more of these upcycles in use in our little village. I like them. I’m thinking of hosting an upcycling challenge using pallets and maybe bailing twine. The shower curtain tablecloth will also have to be included. That will be a triple stacked upcycle snot snorting teary laugh of an event I bet. I hope it raises my eco-street cred. Sorry.

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  1. I like how you're now even upcycling your language and creating a better second life for the tired and worn out phrase street cred.