Saturday, October 20, 2018

Freekeh with Mung Beans !

I’m whipping up some freekeh with mung beans for dinner tonight.  How did I decide on this combo?  I’m making dinner entrees with the most interesting names in descending order.  Why wouldn’t I?

My grain options today included amaranth, spelt, farro, barley, quinoa, brown rice, bulgur and freekeh (pronounced free-kah).  It was a tough choice between amaranth and freekeh.  Amaranth sounds like a spider, and I don’t want to eat spiders.  Amaranth might be second in line depending on my mood.  An amaranth mood sounds brighter than say a bulgur or a spelt mood.  If I’m in a bulgur or spelt mood, I probably won’t even feel like cooking, but I will have to anyway because others are counting on me.  “Sorry about dinner tonight folks.  I was feeling bulgury.”  I wonder what bean will go with that?

Quinoa is likely to fall down my list only due to being familiar to me.  Quinoa was sexy and attractive when we first met, but now quinoa has become less exotic and alluring.  Quinoa used to go to the front of the line at all the cool nightclubs in the city, but now quinoa just stays home in its jammies, eats too much ice cream and watches Netflix.  Nothing wrong with that.  Things just change over time.

Brown rice will be eaten last if at all.

As for the beans….

I’m soaking my mung beans right now.  They are relatively small.  They are round.  Mungs are shades of green.  Mung beans were an easy first choice.

As for the other beans, while familiar to me, garbonzo beans may not suffer the same fate, falling down the list, as quinoa did because “garbonzo” is just that much more interesting a word than “quinoa.”  Say it to yourself right now - “Gar-Bon-Zo.”  Say it with an Italian accent.  Isn’t that fun?  Say it like a country singer.  It is just fun to say and garbonzos taste alright.

I wasn’t even going to mention taste.  Taste is secondary for my purposes here.  This is about the best, weirdest, most appealing sounding food to eat.  Forget about taste.  I’m only considering food names.

I am, however, running into an adjective problem.  I Googled “exotic beans,” and clicked over to a place called Elegant Beans.  They make things a little tricky by adding modifiers to their bean names making a simple black bean into a Black Calypso Bean.  Black Calypso Beans, by the way, look like a kidney stone from a Dalmatian.  Elegant Beans also sells Eye of the Goat Beans.  No fair.  Add “goat” to anything and I”m in.  I’m a sucker for goats.

Executive decision.  No modifiers allowed.  I will only use the basic name of the bean for my selection process.  Today it’s mung beans.  Next week might be garbonzo beans which we happen to have in our grocery store here at DR.  Other candidates will be the standard lima beans, black beans, pinto beans and navy beans.  Bean names don’t have as much pizzazz as grain names do they?

Thinking ahead, I haven’t chosen other foods yet, but I will need to add some fruits, vegetables, breads, and beverages.  And probably some cheese.  Chevre, a cheese which I’ve already had and is made here at DR, is the winner of the cheese namestakes.  How could it not be?

Fruits have good names.  Those will be tough to put in order.  Lots of ties for first I’m afraid.  Vegetables might be a little easier.  Bok choy is the vegetable winner unless something better surfaces.  Sourdough will be at the bottom of the bread list.  Kombucha has to be the winner of the beverage list.  I’ve never had it and don’t intend to try it but the name reigns supreme.

Kombucha is like the freekeh of beverages.  Bon appetit everyone !

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