Saturday, October 27, 2018

Stealth Spider Invasion

“Come look at this.”  It was almost a whisper with which my friend invited me over to the porch swing.  A Visitor Session presentation was going on in the courtyard here at DR just a few steps away necessitating the whisper.  I walked over and had a seat next to my friend on the swing, and she said,”Look up there so the sun is just shaded by the overhang.”

“Oh my!”

So many tiny, spider threads floating by all across the sky.  With the sun backlighting them but just blocked out by the overhanging porch, the long threads dazzled white, silver, blue and rainbow.  They were visible twenty feet above the ground and seemingly one hundred feet above the ground.  I’m told it is the time of year for the little spiders to set sail on wind currents or just the heat convection currents of the sun.  They’ve been there all my life, but I just saw them today.  I wonder if this is what it would be like to be able to see x-rays for a few moments.  Just because I can’t or don’t see something does not mean it isn’t there.  The everpresent invisible.

Now I can’t quit seeing these floating webs.  I took a walk into town yesterday and was soon covered by webs once I turned off the gravel road onto the path thru the pasture.  The barbed wire fence ran cold, north and south along the pasture path.  The webs drifted from west to east and hundreds of them, thousands of them, had attached to the top wire of the fence and drifted across the walking path.  I never found the end of a single thread.  I never saw a spider (too small to see but there and real all the same?)  I could feel the webs on the back of my hands and across my face.  I saw them on my jeans.  Wiping them off became useless as hundreds more replaced them.  I just walked through them, feeling them, letting them be.  I wonder if I’ll be covered in spider webs by the time I reach the road?  Maybe I’ll see a child in town who will be so frightened they’ll run and tell their parents that a man covered in spider webs just came out of the bean field.  Not to worry.  I did exit the pasture with a few of the clingy webs still on me, but most seem to have let go as I moved on.

Later that same afternoon, I sat on the porch of Dancing Rabbit’s Milkweed Mercantile and there were more webs.  They’re everywhere.  The sun was lowering, the angle was right, my seat was again situated so the sun was just blocked out.  Before I could remark on the webs, the Rabbit next to me said,”Look at all those spider webs.”  I shared my earlier experiences with him.  It was a nice moment.

Sometimes the very bright things obscure what else is there.  Many things exist that I can’t or don’t notice.  Some things are only visible at certain times, under the right conditions, if I look at them just right.  Hang out with people that show you cool things.  Creation is vast, intelligent, elegant, tiny, and immense whether I pay attention or not.

I hope I can give a spider something to marvel at sometime.

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  1. I marvel at you, but I haven't become a spider yet. And was there supposed to be a photo with this post?