Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Is That Ringworm?

I can't get this song out of my head

I am remembering whoOoo, I am.  I am remembering whooOoo, I am.  Iiii, am RememmberrrRing.  Iiii, am RemmemberrrRing.  I am remembering, who I am....

Today is the second day of the first ever Singing Rabbit.  I just moved in yesterday!  I am amazed to see the village so full of people.  Many of the folks I've seen before as they are DR, Red Earth Farms, and Sandhill inhabitants, but some of the folks are from exotic places like northeast Iowa and Wisconsin and Oregon and Washington.  Everyone is here to sing.

I've sung so many songs already with more to come.  Rounds and stacks and harmonies with hand gestures, and humming.  Singing Rabbit has it all.  I even learned sign language for "singing rabbit."

Now back to that song stuck in my head.  I am remembering, who I am.

Who am I?  Was I someone else?  Am I supposed to be someone else?  Am I the real me?  Deep-ish stuff.  It's only my second day here.  How could I forget who I am anyway?  That doesn't happen.  Who could that happen to?

Then a simple awareness.

I've taken a swim in the pond the last couple days.  It has been chilly getting in but just perfect after adjusting for a few minutes.  I sit and air dry on the dock after my swim.  Today I was preoccupied with shooing away a horsefly, but yesterday I started to take a really good look at the top of my right thigh.  It was just sitting there so I started looking it over real closely.

I was caught off guard that I didn't even recognize my own leg.  "Is this really mine?," I wondered.  I traced back it's origin; right thigh middle, upper right thigh, crease of the upper right thigh, groin crease over hear, outer right hip.  Seems to be my thigh alright.  How about a closer look?

Lots of big brown spots that are a little crustier than the rest of the skin.  Age spots?  Liver spots?  Too many days on Florida beaches?  I have no idea.  Didn't even see them until today.  And the hairs.  Some are coupled.  Some are a little more isolated.  They do seem to grow in the same direction (downward if I was standing), and they are longer than I expected.

How about the rest of my leg?  What an adventure so  close to home!

There's a scab!  When did that happen?  I don't even remember hitting it.  It's like I don't even know my own leg.  Was I not paying attention?  That must've hurt, but I can't remember.

And that?  What is that?  Is that ringworm?  Mom thought it might be ringworm.  Of course, I didn't notice it, but Mom did sitting next to me on her porch last week having coffee.  On the outside of my right ankle resides this little suspicious patch.  I think it's where my sandals rub.  It's been awhile since I've worn sandals.  I didn't even notice the little patch of red skin until Mom said something.  Of course not.

I'm not noticing anything.  I don't even know myself.  Who am I?  I can't believe this.  Well, now I know what I don't know.  Like the song says, "I am remembering, who I am."

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