Friday, September 7, 2018

1 Week In and All is Weird

Really just the hair is weird but that is nothing new.  You may have to check my Facebook post for a picture.

Last post I questioned who I am.  This post, I'll just some of what I've experienced and done in this first week at Dancing Rabbit.

I -

heard coyotes
watched a No Talent Show
bucked hay bales
walked on gravel barefoot, gingerly
harmonized in a song circle of 50 people
was entranced by 3 bonfires
did pond water aerobics
pushed back my cuticles
discussed Spanish sign language
got a crop circle shaved in my head

lost my antibiotic ointment
lost my checkbook
found $5
listened to a dog lick itself
signed up for a permaculture class
worried about money

realized I hadn't thought about my divorce for over 24 hours
re-re-re-re-re-re read Dhammapada
felt embarrassed by my plastic bowl and giant, blue, plastic spork
bought a handmade wooden bowl and spoon
peeled garlic
ate apple cobbler
swallowed my toothpaste after brushing
examined a 40 year old Boy Scout utensil set

blurted out something regrettable
stood in awe of an hours long lightning show
surprised that guy actually did that
dropped my guard a little more
got a little defensive
gave a sincere compliment
read some David Sedaris
got a song stuck in my head
was irritated by that grinding noise
stifled 8 sarcastic comments
delivered 3 sarcastic comments

guished my toes in the mud
fretted a turtle might bite my balls
was charmed by babies nursing
sanded a timber post of a new home
cursed technology
dodged a puddle
wrote a blog