Friday, July 13, 2018

Pond Swim

Went to the pond at Dancing Rabbit on my short visit last weekend for a dip.  Up the hill, someone had a CD of Native American flute music playing.

With a boat seat cushion floating my feet and an orange life jacket wedged behind my head I find perfect floating.

My arms rested just so at my sides.  

On the exhale, my belly dips just below the water’s surface only to rise again a moment later with next inhale poking just out of the water.  The water being warm near the surface but the water evaporating feeling very cool. Warm. Cool. Warm. Cool.

Meanwhile my backside was just deep enough to begin to feel the coolness of the water as it got deeper.  Cool. Warm. Cool. I was a cool sandwich floating in a pond.

The flute music was not a CD.  It was a Rabbit.


  1. Sounds like a nice mindfulness exercise.

  2. Please continue to post your experiences for us to enjoy. All is well here. God bless.