Saturday, June 23, 2018

I Hope They Like Me

So I went to my interview at DR last week which was just a formality I was assured.  I'm still waiting to hear about the final outcome, but guess what happened while I was there?

I pitched my tent under a nice tree somewhat away from the rest of the village maybe 100 feet.  The weather was nice enough and I slept pretty well.  It was warming up that next morning, when something unpleasant and unexpected happened.  I pitched the tent on a slope.  Not steep but still a slope.  And not just sloping one way.  Sloping both ways.  An X and Y axis slope.  Probably a Z axis slope as well.  Not a flat thing about that campsite.

To compensate, I angled my sleeping pad to try and get aligned with at least one axis but this put me on a diagonal inside the tent.  I left the rainfly off my tent because no rain was expected so when morning hit and I'm looking up from my slopy vantage point on my back, the grid lines above me were all cattywhompass.  I got very dizzy like in a funhouse where the floor is slanted and your frame of reference gets wiggy and I got dizzy like I said.  Problem is it did not go away when I left the funhouse.

I went and had a little breakfast but moved slowly and was not much of a conversationalist.  I kept my breakfast down but had some big belches/dry heaves in that effort.  The world kept trying to slide off to the left and it was getting hot outside fast.  I kept drinking water thinking that would help, but then I kept having to pee so I was getting up and staggering around.  I was pretty miserable and just wanted to take a nap on a level surface.  I didn't want to nap on the couch in the air conditioned Common Room, and I did not want this spell to ruin my interview or worse yet my entire move to DR.

Thank goodness my liaison Liz came up with a suggestion that seemed to help.  She offered to do an acupuncture treatment with me.  I also decided to get a room in The Mercantile for a couple nights to have A/C and a level bed.  The acupuncture seemed to help as did the cold foot soak before and during the needling.  I felt much better late that afternoon after a nap in The Mercantile, but I was spooked.

I had one other episode like this over a year prior at Scott's house.  On that occasion, I drank a pot of coffee on an empty stomach and was kneeling and bending up and down working on a project in the garage.  I got lightheaded, dizzy, and nauseous.  A nap helped, but since that time I have had ringing in both my ears.  I'm worried these are mild episodes of Mennieur's like Dad has.  Dad's first episode occurred when he was only 35 years old on his way to Naples.  I thought his first episode was much later than that.  I'll consider it good news that it didn't happen to me until about 15 years later than his onset.

I left DR early for some R&R at Mom and Dad's.  More A/C and a level bed.  Allergy medicine was indicated as my eyes were a little puffy and watery and allergies can make the other issues worse.  Less caffeine is also indicated plus good rest.  I still have not been "normal", but the worst of the wooziness passed and has not come back as bad as it was last Friday.  My ears are ringing and my visual field tends to want to slide around a little but I'm not nauseous.  I've been able to do the things I want to do.  I've gotten some confidence back but this is something I'll need to manage by resting, taking it easy on caffeine and stress, and not sleeping in a funhouse.

Bottom line is I'm going to postpone my move to DR until September when the weather is more forgiving and get myself back in form and get some more confidence.

I want this move to have the best possible chance of succeeding!

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